Belleville Illinois Events: Fun in Southern Illinois

Events in Belleville, Illinois - The Belleville Flea Market!Looking for new things to do around St. Louis? Consider attending some of Belle-Clair Fairgrounds regularly scheduled southern Illinois events and attractions. Make an easy trip to Belleville, Illinois, where exciting discovery is just over the bridge.

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center is pleased to offer a generous list of unique events on our calendar; from antique shows to gun and knife shows in Southern Illinois, our event center in Illinois has something for everyone!

Here’s a short list of some of our most popular events and a brief description of what to expect.  Follow us on Facebook to keep an eye out for events that interest you, and be sure to check our calendar here to find a date that works!


1.     The Belleville, IL Flea Market

Events near St. Louis - The Belleville Illinois Flea MarketThe Belleville, Illinois Flea Market is truly a sight to behold! With over 300 vendors operating comfortably out of our climate controlled event space, you’ll find over 600 tables covered with a wide range of trinkets, treasures, and toys. Given the comfortable, secure environment, our Southern Illinois event center draws quality vendors from all over the country!

2.     The Belleville, IL Gun Show

Our Belleville Gun Show has gained a reputation among Southern Illinois events for offering wall-to-wall tables loaded with all types of guns! You’ll find functional firearms, exotic guns, and rare antiques all in one spacious air-conditioned building. Our vendors are a big part of the ongoing success of the gun show; both professional and knowledgeable, you can be sure to walk out at the very least knowing more than when you first arrived.

3.     The Antique Show: Southern Illinois’s Finest

If antiques are your calling, then you can’t miss the Belleville, IL antique show. With confidence in our Belleville, Illinois event center, we’ve generated quite a bit of national appeal for vendors. Knowing they can securely set up their antique booths indoors, vendors from all over the country bring out the best of their antiques for display. You’ll be amazed at the variety of items found, ranging from decades to even centuries old!

4.     Belleville, IL Auto Swap Meets and Motorcycle Swap Meets

Events in Belleville, IL - Motorcycle Swap MeetIf you’re an auto-enthusiast, thanks for sticking around this far, and don’t worry, we’ve got something for you too. Our Auto and Motorcycle Swap Meets are an impressive display of true craftsmanship and the prize cars and bikes of life-time hobbyists and working professionals alike. Furthermore, our Southern Illinois event center is located right next to Belle-Clair Speedway, where you can enjoy pedal-to-the-metal Friday night dirt racing that’ll be sure to get the crowd cheering.

5.      Family- Friendly Events in Belleville, IL

If you’re looking to get your family out of the house with no luck finding “events in St. Louis,” our event center in Belleville, IL is loaded with special events suitable for all ages: have some family fun at the Southern Illinois Shriner’s Circus, pick up some new hobbies with the crafts and vendor show, find a new RV for family road trips at our RV & Camper show, relax at our indoor yard sale safe from the rain. Treat your family (or yourself) by escaping the house and having some fun.

Whatever you’re looking for, Belle-Clair Fairgrounds at 200 S Belt E #2650, Belleville, IL 62220 has something to offer. Keep track of our list of events to plan your next adventure, and feel free to call us at: (618) 235-0666 for any questions you might have!