An Illinois Gun and Knife Show You Can’t Miss!

On the hunt for an Illinois Gun Show to explore? Our Gun and Knife Show Is second to none!

The Best Illinois Gun Show Located at The Belle-Clair Fairgrounds

When it comes to shopping for guns and knives, the best and most unique pieces aren’t easy to find. Where does an enthusiast have the greatest chance of success? Introducing: The Belle-Clair Fairgrounds’ Illinois Gun and Knife Show!

Our massive event is loaded with high caliber vendors, guns and knives spanning as far as the eye can see. Ranging from antiques for display to guns ready for action, our Illinois Gun Show has a huge amount of variety; our vendors go to great lengths to make sure to give you the best shot at finding the gun or knife you have been dreaming of.

Enjoy our enormous hall where vendors display their wares, and answer all your questions about them too! Knowledgeable in both the history, and the operation of these firearms, our vendors are the cream of the crop for gun and knife show excellence. Furthermore, located just 10 clicks from downtown St. Louis, this event is easy to find and convenient to attend; take the shot and you’ll be sure glad you did!

Gun and Knife Show Excellence

Many factors separate our gun and knife show from the others: variety, vendor expertise, location, and size of event, all go into making this a standout event from what you are used to.

For just $6 admission, it will feel like Christmas Day when you walk through the doors, a taste of the way things used to be. From Bowie knives to Brownings, pistols to pocketknives, shotguns to sabres, you’ll be thrilled at the quality of our gun and knife show variety. Sharpen up on your knowledge of classic firearm antiquities, test the balance of a new blade. Feel free to embrace who you are and what you enjoy, amongst fellow gun and knife show enthusiasts you will fit right in.

Hundreds of gun vendors are eager to please and put their best foot forward for our event. Furthermore, our event is all about legitimacy! Expect to find reputable vendors who are serious about their craft. Additionally, those who are looking to sell or trade their guns or knives have an opportunity to make some money back, or spice up their gun rack with a new addition. Keep your ear close to the ground, and you might pick up on some especially good deals or particularly special pieces.

Our safe atmosphere ensures fun for the whole family. An indoor, climate controlled event means that rain or shine, the event is a go!  With all of this being said, keep your powder dry and be ready to pounce on our magnificent gun and knife show. Rest assured, though there are many gun and knife shows, there isn’t any quite like ours.

We are proud to serve our community with our Illinois gun show; providing the finest gun and knife show in the lands to the finest customers is our mission statement (because you deserve it). We extend a gracious THANK YOU for your continued patronage and attendance that makes this possible!